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Welcome to Allamandas House of Children!

Montessori at Allamandas is a joyous early childhood Programme for children aged one year, eight months to six years.

Ours is a specially prepared 'Child- centered' classroom of mixed age group with 1:1 teacher- student ratio. Materials used in the class room by a child are the ' MEANS OF DEVELOPMENT ' and help the child develop elementary movements, to look after himself / herself to look after the environment and to develop grace and courtesy. With these 'MEANS OF DEVELOPMENT', indirectly and directly Listening and Speaking skills are seen, writing skills are developed and later explosion into reading happens.

Our environment attracts the child to work with these "MEANS OF DEVELOPMENT' and learn through individual presentations given by our teachers, keeping their curiosity for learning alive.

Our Goals

To help our children in acquiring the fundamental process of learning, necessary for the competitive world.

To stimulate appreciation of cultural values & to appreciate the dignity of labor

To guide them along the path of righteousness

To kindle these young hearts with patriotism and lead them to be good citizens


Our curriculum is based on the Montessori principle. The needs and abilities of a child differs from an individual to an individual. Our classroom is designed carefully to meet these needs of the child.

Listening & speaking skills

Listening and speaking skills are seen through various attractive activities, specially designed by Allamandas.

Writing Skills

Writing skills are seen with various 'MEANS OF DEVELOPMENT' which are proven and time tested over a century.

Reading Skills

Reading skills with attractive picture series, objects, models, books, stories and dramas are provided.

Music & Dance

Our children love dance hence we provide folk dance of different cultures. Music is in the form of songs which are educational. Science, history and geography are learnt in the form of songs

Dramas & Theatre

Story telling classes, puppet shows, dramas and theatre with specially trained team of 'Story tellers of Allamandas' is seen here.


Arithmetic with all four operations – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are practiced by our children

Collage-Work & Herbarium

We provide fun- activities to explore different Human Cultures and human civilizations through collage-work and herbarium

Arts & Crafts

Our children explore colour mixing in various propotions, paper cutting & pasting in different shapes which enhances creativity and imagination

Bird Watching

Bird watching and walk through the garden is often seen at Allamandas

Animals & Plants

Taking care of pets and taking care of various plants by our children are also seen

Field Trips

Yearly once we go for field trip which is purely educational

Kitchen Gardening

Sowing of seeds and plant germination is shown. When plants grow and crop is ready to harvest, children come in some group.

Cooking & Baking classes

Chopping the vegetables harvested in the school garden becomes the meal for that day. A small group of children involves in cooking with the help of an adult.

Personal Hygiene

Our children practice regularly personal hygiene and table manners.


Festivals and special occasions are celebrated by our children within the Montessori throughout the year.

Physical Education & Yoga

Physical education is provided for our children along with yoga asanaas

Security & Safety Policy

Fire alarm system is built with all four direction exist doors in case of emergency (Nos 18), fire extinguishers placed at regular intervals, environment is kept naturally as it should be (hard surface as hard, sharp objects as sharp, smooth areas as smooth and rough corners as rough), emergency health kit available, school is equipped with CCTV camera surveillance ( Nos 48)Only women staff are available.


Large and highly ventilated classrooms, extremely clean and dust free environment, separate 'clean and tidy' restrooms for girls and boys, structured play area with child friendly play equipments, 'Reading Room', a unique book library, kitchen gardening (sowing, growing and harvesting crop) are the facilities provided by Allamandas.